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Personal Projects

Passion projects and fun experiments.

Color Contrast

A Figma plugin to measure color contrast using the APCA, BPCA, and WCAG 2 algorithms.

Component Utility

A Figma plugin for effortlessly cloning and linking component sets.

CSS variables

A Figma plugin for importing and exporting variables between CSS and Figma.

Tidy up

A Figma plugin for effortlessly tidy up, sort, and align nodes in a grid.

Rotate replicas

Create and manipulate radial patterns directly on the figma canvas.


Copy typographic spaces, math notations, punctuations, and more to your clipboard.

Sensors for the Web

A fun little project with Generic Sensor API, access on-device sensors data.


A Simple CSS Grid system.


A little experiment with MathML, typesetting math & scientific notation for the web.